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Wow, what a topic! I have been interested in Astronomy for most of my life. This website is the latest extension of that wanderlust and I fully expect it to grow to as large as hundreds of pages. Here within these pages you will be able to not only peruse my pictures but learn the tools I used to generate them and the techniques specific to modifying Astronomical Pictures.

I have a Links page which is a one-stop-shopping directory of websites that cater to this hobby that we know of as Astronomy. 2009 was declared the International Year of Astronomy and we were to expand our outreach & expose more of the public to the hobby. I am not sure just how much of that we accomplished; 99% of the people I talk to about Astronomy will say they have never known an Astronomer, nor have they looked through a telescope. I am convinced though, that we need to expose more of our young people to the Heavens so that we can foster the desire to become scientists in the younger generations.

Deep Sky Pixels is going to become an Ezine as well, providing fee-based tutorials and training to anybody who cares to learn. Knowledge is power and when it comes to introducing a camera to your telescope, you better have plenty of it! The acquisition of a decent Astronomical Photograph can take many hours. Some folks image the same object night after night, adding data to the picture as it builds into a masterpiece. There are hundreds of things to control, watch and do while your equipment is taking pictures of the Heavens.

Next, these pictures will need to be processed. My preference is to use Photoshop for final processing however, as you will see, there are other software packages that come into play long before any picture is ported into Photoshop for final processing.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions you may have for me to improve this website. It will more than likely never be 'complete' but I intend to upload an enormous amount of data to it within the next year.

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